How come Trump's trips each cost approx. $1.4 million, as opposed to Obama's $380k?

When Obama went golfing he was going to courses close to where he was staying. Most of Obama's trips were on military bases and government owned golf courses. Trump on the other hand is flying Air Force One across the country to his favorite golf spots, Mar a Lago or Bedminster. The cost of flying A.F.O is estimated to be at $514,000 per hour, so with flights to Bedminster and Mar a Lago every weekend, that is adding up quick. Another huge factor is the on ground security costs that are estimated to be around $60 million per year, and that's not counting the Coast Guard's cost of $236,000 per day protecting Mar a Lago. So while we don't have an exact cost per trip, we can very accurately estimate costs.

Isn't Trump working on the golf course?

Well that's up to you to decide, here at GolfWithDonald we believe that his trips are very golf oriented and that there is close to no presidential duties being conducted on the course. You can look up his golf partners and see that a majority of the people he's golfing with are either famous athletes or business executives.

How do you calculate the cost ?

We are using data from multiple sources to get an estimated cost per trip, with 3 main contributing factors. The first factor is how much is costs to fly to his most popular destinations of Mar a Lago and Bedminster. According to resources online, the cost of flying Air Force One per hour is about $514,000. The second key factor is the security costs that are allocated to these golf resorts to protect Trump, sources say it's about 60 million a year. And the final factor is the $236k per day cost of having the Coast Guard protect Mar a Lago while he's visiting.